This album features one of the better new songs I have heard in the past few months, local or otherwise.

Last month local, artsy, indie-folk group Brother. released their first album – simply entitled Volume I. This is exactly the kind of album title that I wanted to see because it hints at a future Volume II, which after hearing the first volume I am very much looking forward to. Though Brother. has been around in some form or another since 2013 (when they released their first EP), their current lineup has really started to make some waves in the Provo music scene.

The opening track, “1000,” is pretty much the perfect way to set the tone for the rest of the 7 song album. Instrumentation on this track is incredibly simple: bass, acoustic guitar, kick drum, very sparse synth (or possibly affected strings), and electric guitar. It still feels full, however, because of the heavy use of vocals. Their use of vocals is one of my favorite things about this band. There is something very personal about the human voice that just resonates with me, and I think it does with most people. “1000” has a smart arrangement that is both simple and full. Lyrically, it is very honest (i.e. “I’m looking out for me and mine”) though maybe a little vague. I can’t tell if the singer is talking himself into or out of a relationship. Or maybe I am completely missing the point of the lyrics, yet somehow I ... read more